You can have your own ED-209


Would you like to own this massive ED-209 replica?

Some guy is selling it on eBay for $25,000. Hopefully you don’t live in Detroit or your purchase will be killed by Robocop.

According to the seller, this ED-209 model was made for Robocop 2 and may have been used as a stand-in for the robot during production or created as a marketing piece to promote the movie.

This beast stands at over 10-feet-tall on two hind legs built with pneumatic cylinders.



RoboCop 3 remote control talking action figure

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by Adword Norton


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Robocop Remote Controlled Deluxe Action Figure

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manga robocop

Sci-fi and horror movie chracters get cute manga redeseigns

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by Adword Norton

ED-209 Robocop Figure with Sound

ED-209 Robocop figure with sound

If there was one robot from the Robocop movies that was as cool as Robocop himself, it was ED-209. No one else could even give Robocop a run for his money. If you are a fan, this ED-209 Robocop Figure with Sound will look amazi...
by Adword Norton



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