Yes, Tom Cruise really dangled from that plane-and he did it eight times


(From Metro) If you’ve seen those clips of Tom Cruise hanging off a plane in the new Mission: Impossible film and wondered where the stunt double was, well here’s a surprise – he didn’t have one.

Yup, that’s the actor himself soaring sky-high in the risky moment from the blockbuster sequel Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

And this new featurette from the movie explains the logistics behind the stunt – with Cruise revealing just how nervous he was about the whole thing.

‘I couldn’t sleep the night before,’ he admitted. ‘And then came the day, and I thought “OK, this is really going to happen”.’

Cruise added that he was ‘scared s**tless’ as he felt the force of the wind, adding: ‘If something went wrong, I can’t get in to the airplane until we land.’

Oh, and just to add to the tension, the film’s visual effects supervisor David Vickery revealed that the scene was shot eight times.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation opens in cinemas on July 30.

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