World’s first laser-cut wooden records

wooden records

(From Daily Mail) You can now turn your favourite music downloads into playable records made from materials you have lying around the house.

Amanda Ghassaei, 24, from San Francisco has created the world’s first laser-cut wooden records using songs from Radiohead and Joy Division.

And the software engineer has made the instructions available to download, making it possible to create your own at home.


Amanda turns her MP3 audio files into waveforms.

These digital waveforms are then converted into a PDF to become what’s called ‘vector cutting paths.’

The paths are cut into the wooden record using lasers; this creates the ‘shape’ of the song onto the surface of the wood.

The needles on the record player pick up vibrations created by grooves and patterns created by the lasers.

Because the resolution of the laser is thicker than the vinyl record presses the grooves are twice as large as they would be on a vinyl record.

This means the quality isn’t as good on a wooden record as on a vinyl, and the song fades to a scratch as you get to the centre of the record.

Get full instructions from Ghassaei’s Instructables page.

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