World’s coolest water slide

Aquaventure, Leap of Faith, water slide

(From Daily Mail) Welcome to a real-life Temple of Doom where you can re-enact Indiana Jones’ wildest adventures by sliding down a Mayan temple into shark infested waters.

The water slide styled as a Mayan temple sends thrillseekers hurtling up to 35-miles-per-hour down a 60-foot-long chute.

The ride finishes underwater by going through a tunnel surrounded by 14-foot-long nurse sharks and Caribbean Reef sharks.

Aptly called The Leap of Faith, the terrifying ride is part of the Aquaventure, Paradise Island resort of the Bahamas.

Aquaventure is a vast 141-acre water park containing 7 million gallons of water, a mile-long river ride, and a choice of 12 pools.

Alongside the life-size replica of a Mayan Temple, there is a 131-foot tall Power Tower, a 7-acre snorkeling lagoon, miles of white sand beaches and more.

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‘Forgotten Giants’ of Denmark

(From Lost at e Minor) A Danish scrap artist has put six massive wooden trolls in nature spots amidst the woods of Western Copenhagen to encourage people to stray off the popular trail and visit undiscovered and overlooked plac...
by Adword Norton


In a post-Pokemon Go world, the big craze is playing hide-and-seek with rocks

(From Lost at e Minor) Forget Netflix and Twitter, people in East Idaho have decided to take a pause from the frenetic digital life and play hide-and-seek with hand painted rocks. Talk about going old school! Thousands of enthu...
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forbidden forest

Harry Potter fans will soon be able to walk through the actual Forbidden Forest

Warner Bros has announced that they will be expanding the popular Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter to include the Forbidden Forest. The Forbidden Forest will be coming to the Harry Potter Studio To...
by Adword Norton



This guy travelled across New Zealand wearing a Gandalf costume

(From Lost at e Minor) While planning a six-month trip to New Zealand, photographer Akhil Suhas had a great idea: Why not get Gandalf as his tour guide? In his series, entitled #GandalfTheGuide, Suhas brought along a Gandalf co...
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New preview of what Disney’s Star Wars land will look like

(From io9) We’re still years away from Star Wars Lands opening at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Construction is happening as you read this, and a new image gives us our best loo...
by Adword Norton



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