Wolfenstein film adaptation is on the way


(From CVG) The Wolfenstein series will finally make the silver screen, in the form of the Roger Avary directed Castle Wolfenstein.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the film will follow the exploits of of a US Army captain and British special agent as they travel to Castle Wolfenstein, ostensibly to check out Hitler’s new secret weapon. Once there however, they’ll need to fend off the “SS Paranormal Division”.

The film will be written and directed by Roger Avary, who has worked as a producer on True Romance and the Resident Evil films, and had a hand in bringing Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction to life.

In a release, Avary said the Wolfenstein series’ “outlandish sensibility has deeply influenced my own writing and directing throughout my career”.

A cinema release window has yet to be announced.

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‘Resident Evil’ movie reboot being developed

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joel ellie resident evil 4

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Quentin Tarantino’s next film to be a western

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