Who wants to write with actual cats?

cat fonts

Helvetica. Arial. Comic Sans. These are some of the most famous fonts you can find online and in print. Let’s add another worthy contender to that list: Cats. Yes, cats.

As pointed out by Japanese sites Togech and Weekly ASCII, the upper and lower case characters are called “Neko Font“, which is Japanese for “Cat Font”.

The two cats that appear in Cat Font are named “Raizou” and “Mondo”.

The font is created from photos of these two furry friends.

You can write all sorts of things in Cat Font.



Here is “I am a cat” written in cats.



Mondo releases Ramona Flowers figurine

(From Comic Book Resources) Everyone’s favorite ninja delivery girl has joined the wonderful world of action figures. Mondo unveiled its very first figure based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim graphic no...
by Adword Norton

237 Collection

Mondo debuts the 237 Collection based on the carpeting in The Shining

Mondo is teaming up with Middle of Beyond to create the MONDO 237 Collection based on the carpet from The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel. You can purchase the MONDO 237 sweater and cardigan which come with a custom die-cut Mondo Ro...
by Adword Norton



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