Who wants to join Cobra Special Forces?

cobra special forces

This G.I. Joe: Retailation recruitment video makes you want to join the Cobra Special Forces!

It’s surprising that they didn’t air this during the Super Bowl.

It would have been one of the best commercials of the night! We guess the studio didn’t have $4 million to spare :) .

Anyway, it’s online for you to watch, and it’s an awesome piece of marketing.

If you think you have the intelligence, cunning, and ruthless efficiency to be a member of COBRA, you can show off your abilities at





Turkish Airlines highlights flights to Gotham City and Metropolis

(From Adweek) Those tuning in to CBS’ Super Bowl pregame coverage probably noticed some interesting new destinations being advertised by Turkish Airlines. As presenting sponsor of part of the pregame show, the airline use...
by Adword Norton

gijoe art

Awesome G.I.Joe art

Here’s a great series of G.I. Joe art from artists Grzegorz Domaradzki (Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow) and Rhys Cooper (Snake Eyes, Duke and Scarlett). This is a really cool collection of G.I. Joe art, and if you’...
by Adword Norton

Cobra 1st Legion

Cobra 1st Legion invades aircraft carrier

(From Geektyrant) You gotta love cosplay for charity. Here’s an amazing set of photos of the G.I. Joe cosplayer group known as Cobra 1st Legion. They go around visiting fun and cool locations around the San Francisco Bay ...
by Adword Norton



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