Who does it better? Book, movie or Broadway?


There’s something magical about seeing your favorite stories come to life on stage or screen. However, when it comes to deciding which version is better, sometimes one of them doesn’t make the cut. Read on below to see which literary work takes its success to the stage and film.


Roald Dahl’s classic features a precocious youngster battling the bullies in her life, mainly being her parents and the school principal. In 1988, this book received the Children’s Book Award and is still very much in the forefront of popular culture as a cult classic. Matilda’s indignation at not being recognized as the genius she is has universal appeal because at some point we have all felt that our value was not truly understood by others. The film adaptation of the book came out in 1996 to a three-star review by Roger Ebert. “Matilda the Musical,” currently playing on Broadway, has taken this extraordinary tale to a new level. It has won four Tony Awards and a record-breaking seven Olivier Awards in London, where the play began.

In this instance, it’s hard to pick who did it better because the book, film and play beautifully capture the heart of the story. However, because the musical amps up the already rich plot, we would recommend getting your seats to this fun and exciting adventure.


Originally gleaned from “A Thousand and One Nights,” which is sometimes known as the “Arabian Nights,” the tale of Aladdin is one of the many that Scheherazade spun night after night to prevent her execution. The original tale is woven throughout a series of other occurrences that Disney capitalizes on in later editions of the story, such as “Aladdin and the Forty Thieves.” However, the original story is bit rougher around the edges when compared to the Disney version. The film version does a great job of capturing the magic of discovering that wealth alone doesn’t solve our desire to connect with others. The Broadway version kicks it up a notch and creates a breathtaking experience with beautifully choreographed music, sets and design.

In this case, it’s hard to compare the original story with the film and Broadway version as many elements of the story are lost in translation. So if you are looking for the authentic, albeit harsher version, the original tale is worth a read. But if it’s magic you’re after, Broadway and the film do it better.

American Psycho

The novel of the same name was published in 1991 and features an attractive young professional living a secret life as a serial killer. The movie, which came out in 2000, received critical reviews from the critic Roger Ebert, describing Bateman as a self-involved narcissistic man, intent on killing to fulfill his every dream and to polish his already over-glossed ego.

The musical version of “American Psycho” promises much of the same gruesome killing, with strobe lights and effects to tantalize and horrify. While the book is chilling and the film is perfectly disturbing, the musical falls short of impressing audiences. The recommendation here would be to stick to the classic.

There you have it, three tales and three versions, which will you pick?


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