Which comic book hunter would you choose to be?


The archetype of the hunter has long been a part of our civilization. Generally referred to as someone who is in search of something, or needing to find something, they can most often be recognized by a driving passion to search out and capture or destroy whatever object they are fixated on.

In the world of comics, we have several examples of hunters, whether they are hunting people or animals. These comic heroes, or villains in some cases, often become icons depending on what they are hunting and how successful they happen to be.

Silver Sable

After her mother was killed in a terrorist attack when she was a child, Silver Sable spent her whole life training in all forms of hand-to-hand combat. Eventually taking over the Wild Pack, a group of soldiers tasked with hunting down Nazi criminals, she quickly gained prestige and power as a formidable adversary. As the number of Nazi’s declined, thanks in large part to her efforts, she and her team moved into mercenary work hunting down the worst criminals and recovering stolen objects, though their methods were sometimes questioned by other superheroes.

Turok, Dinosaur Hunter

When this Plains Indian from the Mandan tribe and his companion Andar find a hidden area deep within the Carlsbad Cavern area of New Mexico, Turok suddenly finds himself trapped in a lost sunken valley filled with dinosaurs. Taking advantage of his superior technology and vast hunting skills, he quickly becomes a hero to the local primitives that time forgot. Because time and space act differently in the lost valley, the land is often invaded by cosmic beings requiring him to be not only a hunter of dinosaurs, but a protector of the people he has grown to love.

Kraven the Hunter

After a rough and brutal childhood, Sergei Kravinoff escaped his home in Russia and struggled from city to city throughout Europe. Eventually finding himself in Africa, he realized he had a natural ability. Finding and hunting the wild animals of the continent, he soon changed his name to Kraven. As his abilities grew and matured, he found himself seeking bigger and stronger game to hunt in order to test his abilities. He soon moved on to hunting men when animals no longer challenged him and eventually worked his way up to being a direct opponent of Spiderman. Finally finding a prey he could not defeat, his obsession with hunting and killing the superhero lasted beyond Kraven’s own death and into the afterlife.

Boba Fett

Probably the most widely known and easily identifiable bounty hunter, this genetic clone of Jango Fett became obsessed with hunting down and killing Jedi after witnessing the death of his father at the hands of Jedi Master Mace Windu. After a heated battle in which he supposedly died in the pit of the Sarlacc, he reappeared to continue his one-man battle against the Jedi and their allies.

In today’s world, the most common type of hunter is, of course, that of animals. And whether your target of choice is a simple rabbit or a ferocious grizzly, make sure you have the training and knowledge required to not only bag your trophy, but come out of the encounter safe and unharmed so that you can go out again and again and make a name for yourself in your own world.



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