When Alice and the Mad Hatter get married

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Cosplay

(From Fashionably Geek) This beautiful Alice in Wonderland wedding photo shoot by Lauren Brimhall features not just gorgeous cosplay, but perfectly staged scenes from the book.

The Mad Hatter groom (Matt) and Alice bride (Erin) make their way through shrinking down and growing up, an un-birthday tea party, croquet with flamingo mallets and even paint a bouquet of roses.

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Lego’s next minifigure collection features Disney’s characters

There’s only one thing that could make Legos better while also making them smaller, and that’s Disney. The popular lineup of teeny-tiny Lego Minifigures is expanding to include some of the most beloved Walt Disney c...
by Adword Norton


Fun & creative backyard upgrades

Whether it’s installing a decorative paver patio or putting in new landscape plants, upgrading your backyard transforms it with new features and uses. If you’re bored with what you see when you look out the window i...
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Batman Arkham Origins mad hatter

Mad Hatter confirmed for Batman: Arkham Origins

(From IGN) One of the villains set to star in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins has been revealed to be the Mad Hatter. The villain also known as Jervis Tetch is set to join the roster of Batman’s enemies in the latest ...
by Adword Norton


Alice Madness Returns 2

Alice: Madness returns comes to life

(From Kotaku) The world moved on from the game pretty quickly, but thanks to its vivid art style Alice: Madness Returns lives on in the hearts of cosplayers, few of which have quite nailed the game as much as michivvya and her ...
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