What would happen if Superman punched you in the face?

superman punch

(From Geek Tyrant) It was great watching Superman punch the hell out of Zod in Man of Steel.

We’ve never seen Superman kick ass like that before, and it was glorious!

But in real life, what would happen if Superman actually punched a person in the face?

Youtuber Vsauce3 scientifically breaks down the insane damage that it would cause, and it’s more awesome than you think.

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Metallica’s James Hetfield now has a PhD in astrophysics

(From Lost at e Minor) Metallica’s lead singer and heavy metal guitarist James Hetfield just put us all to shame by getting a PhD in astrophysics. Oh, and by the way, that’s Dr Hetfield to you. Hetfield recently finished de...
by Adword Norton

tattoo noodle

These temporary tattoos tell you if you’re allergic to noodles

(From Lost at e Minor) An organisation in Japan has come up with temporary tattoos that change colour once they detect an allergy to soba noodles. According to Hokkaido’s Soba Association, around 0.03 per cent of people are a...
by Adword Norton

millenium falcon

Millennium Falcon would cost nearly $300,798 a year to insure

(From Daily Mail) You wouldn’t expect insurance for a smuggler’s ride to come cheap, but Star Wars rogue Han Solo would need to have plenty of cash, or credits, to keep the Millennium Falcon flying. The deceptively ...
by Adword Norton


Jurassic World

Want to build a real Jurassic World? It’ll cost you $23 billion

(From Daily Mail) Given their tendency to end in disaster, it is perhaps worth asking why anyone would want to build a Jurassic World-style theme park, but if you wanted to it would cost a cool $23 billion (£15 billion). But a...
by Adword Norton


Scientists to carry out ‘autopsy’ on life-sized T-Rex replica

(From Daily Mail) The Tyrannosaurus Rex has baffled scientists for decades, with mystery still surrounding how it could eat with its tiny arms – and even suggestions the predatory dinosaur had feathers. But experts could ...
by Adword Norton



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