What makes today’s super coolers so cool


Technology enables us to do things that are sometimes against nature’s intentions. Keep your food and drinks cold for days on end? No problem, the new generation of super coolers has it handled. The first “portable cooling system” was invented by Richard C. Laramy in 1951, and the Coleman Company started producing them in 1954. It took years for Coleman to develop the lining that would help insulate materials thoroughly, but Laramy definitely gave the field a great starting point for what would become a multi-million dollar industry.

No ice required

Some of today’s coolers are powered thermoelectrically, which means you can plug them into your car’s built-in lighter much like a GPS. This will not help you on a long camping trip, though, because these kinds of coolers don’t use ice to chill their contents. They use the Peltier effect and a fan to suck heat outward. This process also works backwards; if you want to keep the items in your cooler hot, for instance, you can reverse the fan and heat up contents you’d like to get warmer. Most modern thermoelectric coolers also have a controllable digital thermostat.

For an outdoors adventure

Then there are the super coolers that do use ice and a high-tech insulation system to keep your items ice cold. The Hopper 20 and Hopper 30 models by Yeti are two examples of this kind of super cooler. The zippers on these modern cooling systems have both waterproof and airtight seals, ensuring that your sundries stay as chilled as possible. Some of them are even bear proof.

If you are planning on going into the wilderness or an extended hiking trip, then this is the gear for you. This sophisticated technology is comparable to what exists on survival suits and HazMat gear, so it is unlikely your food and drinks will drop in temperature at any significant rate.

The other upside is the insulation built into today’s latest tools. On Yeti’s Hopper 30 soft-sided bag cooler, the insulation is 1-inch thick on either side and 1.5 inches on the bottom, which maintains all of the contents in its 6.5-gallon capacity at the appropriate temperature. The insulation is embedded between the outer and inner layer to keep your food at the temperature you like.

The seams of modern day cooling tech are quite secure. Some of the stitching is even up to the standard of high-end whitewater rafts. That’s pretty impressive. The Hopper 30 only weighs 6 lbs., and it is a bargain for anyone hoping to take a lot of cold beverages and foodstuffs on a long road trip.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer with the latest gear; it’d be a shame to see you drinking warm soda when all you’d like in the world is a nice chilled beverage.


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