What happens when you try to skydive with an umbrella

eric roner umbrella

(From Gizmodo) Mary Poppins flew with a magical umbrella, but can you actually soar with one real life?

Pretty much—provided you have the right umbrella, which pro skier Eric Roner did. He captured the crazy feat with a GoPro (Hero 3).

Roner cuts loose from the bottom of a hot air balloon holding an insane umbrella contraption, and your stomach drops with him.

He didn’t pilot his parasol all the way to the ground, but can you blame him? You ever try landing an umbrella?

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burning man drone

A GoPro fell off a drone at Burning Man directly onto a dance floor

(From The Independent) Most ‘GoPro accidentally falls to Earth’ stories end with someone finding it on their allotment six months later and returning it, filled with hours of boring footage of grass/sky, but not thi...
by Adword Norton

gopro dog

GoPro’s ‘Fetch’ lets you see the world from your dog’s point of view

(From Design Taxi) Now, your dogs can jump on the GoPro bandwagon too. ‘Fetch’, a new harness created by GoPro, lets you mount the compact camera comfortably onto your dogs, allowing you to capture the world from th...
by Adword Norton

superman gopro

Superman with a GoPro

With a remote-controlled drone, a GoPro camera, and lots of editing skills Corridor Digital produced an exciting new video which allows you to experience what it’s like to be Superman. Watch as Superman keeps getting dist...
by Adword Norton


pelican gopro

Extraordinary video as a GoPro captures a pelican learning to fly

(From Lost at e Minor) We’ve seen some pretty remarkable videos captured by GoPro and this is another of them. Bigbird was a pelican rescued by humans after a storm in Tanzania. When rescuers found Bigbird, the pelican couldn...
by Adword Norton

Mandy Madrox TV
Darth Vader

Lightsaber battle shot from Darth Vader’s POV

(From Geek Tyrant) Check out this really cool fan made lightsaber battle that was shot from the point of view of Darth Vader and a Jedi. We’ve seen a ton of lightsaber fan movies over the years, but nothing really quite l...
by Adword Norton



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