What a shootout using ‘Portal’ guns would look like

Portal Gun Shootout

(From Geeks of Doom) Valve’s Portal is one of the all-time great puzzle games ever made—a first-person shooter in which you use a gun that fires in and out portals you’ll need to work with in order to try to escape the facility you’re being held in.

But what if word of Aperture Science’s gun got out and a consumer version was made available to the masses?

Surely YouTube would benefit the most, with countless funny or mind-boggling videos made using the devices being uploaded as people experimented. Then there’s the less positive side of things…

In an impressive and hilarious new video, a heated confrontation escalates quickly into an all-out portal gun firefight, and it’s to no one’s benefit.

The video comes from YouTube channel RackaRacka, who deliver some impressive special effects for a fan-made comedy short.

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