Wallace and Gromit-inspired cake-making cake

Wallace and Gromit cake2

(From Daily Mail) Beloved clay animation duo Wallace and Gromit are always inventing incredibly specific machines to help them with everyday household chores, such as getting out of bed.

But even they would be stunned to see what one Cornwall bakery has invented: the world’s first cake-baking cake.

Peboryon Bakery in Penzance has made an entirely edible baking machine that looks exactly as if it was dreamed up by the lovable Aardman characters – and it actually pumps out miniature, edible cakes.

From the outside, it simply looks like a (very impressive) Wallace and Gromit cake.

But once it is automated, a tiny conveyor belt snakes its way through the middle of the huge sugary creation to pump out tiny Victoria sponges.

The production line finishes with a very ‘Wallace and Gromit’ flourish when a cake resting on a pair of oven gloves is presented to the diner.

Decorated with marzipan figurines of Wallace and Gromit, the giant Cake-O-Matic machine may have been inspired by the hit animated TV show but the idea is all Peboryn’s.

It took baker Christine Jensen and her team a whopping 400 hours to produce, and the titanic fruit cake is longer than most people are tall at 6.6ft.

It weighs in at 20 stone – no doubt due to the 100,000 currants and 200 eggs inside the mammoth fruit cake.

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