Vampire Hunter D coming back from the dead as CGI animated TV series


(From Blastr) Rejoice, Vampire Hunter D fans. Plans for a new CG-animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi’s long-running series of Japanese novels have been unveiled.

Anime News Network has been told by California-based production studio Unified Pictures that it will bring Vampire Hunter D to our TV screens. Unified Pictures producer Scott McLean said: “I’ve been a fan of Vampire Hunter D since I was a teenager. I’m overjoyed at being able to be a part of creating a new chapter for a story I greatly admire.”

The company will be co-producing the series with Japanese CGI animation studio Digital Frontier, who gave us Resident Evil: Degeneration, Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Mighty No. 9. Another piece of good news is that Kikuchi himself is involved with the project, as well as Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust director Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

Hideyuki Kikuchi began writing Vampire Hunter D back in 1983, and the 29th book in the series was released this past May. The story follows D, a half-human, half-vampire (shades of Blade, anyone?) called a dhampir, who hunts blood-sucking vampires in a far-future (and I mean really far, since it’s set around 12,090 A.D.), post-nuclear world.

The novels got a first animated movie in 1985, and a second one 15 years later, in 2000 (Bloodlust). It was adapted as a series of audio dramas from 1988 to 1990, before getting a videogame adaptation in 1999. In 2007, the Vampire Hunter D novels were adapted as a new manga series.

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