Transformers with interchangeable parts


(From Wired) Transformers have been a favorite toy of geeks in both their original incarnation back in the ’80s and their newer lifespan since the first of the Michael Bay films came out.

It’s easy to see why: Robots make great toys, and cool vehicles make great toys, so obviously a toy that can go back and forth between the two could only be awesome.

Awesome as they have always been, though, there is still one thing that’s been missing to elevate their geekiness to the highest level.

That missing element? The ability to customize Transformers to fit your own imagination. And now Hasbro is taking care of that with the advent of Construct-Bots.

Construct-Bots will come in four different sets, but all of them will have parts interchangeable with the rest, and each will come with a re-sealable case to ensure your kids (or you) don’t lose the parts:

  • The Scout assortment of Construct-Bots will each retail for $9.99, and will have 10 characters, including Starscream and Ironhide.
  • The Elite assortment of Construct-Bots will each retail for $14.99, and will have 10 characters, including Wheeljack and Soundwave.
  • The Triple Changer assortment of Construct-Bots will each retail for $24.99, and will be just Bumblebee and Blitzwing — but they’ll each transform into both a car and a jet.
  • The Ultimate assortment of Construct-Bots will retail for $34.99, and will come with both Optimus Prime and Megatron. Both Transformers will include projectile-firing launchers.

All Construct-Bot assortments are scheduled to hit store shelves in August of this year.

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