Tokyo’s new Godzilla hotel

godzilla hotel1

The Godzilla hotel in Japan has finally opened its doors.

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan – part of a new commercial complex – features an impressive 12 metre tall replica Godzilla head, based on the original 1954 film.

It has six Godzilla View Rooms which look out directly onto the replica, a Godzilla themes room containing a man-sized Godzilla statue and a Gozilla claw over the beds.

Located in the city’s Shinjuku, visitors to the 30-storey, 970-room hotel will have to shell out roughly £200 a night and £300 on weekends and public holidays for the Godzilla room, while the Godzilla viewing room costs about £80 a night.

If you’re lucky/loaded enough to check it out, you’ll also get the pleasure of using one of the futuristic Godzilla-themed toilets.


godzilla toho

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Human-sized Godzilla statue

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