This virtual reality theme park lets you fight dragons


(From Metro / Business Insider) A new virtual reality theme park hopes to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds for the very first time.

The Void, a startup based in Salt Lake City, Utah, will combine untethered virtual reality headsets with physical environments, allowing the players to roam specially-constructed ‘stages’, similar to being inside a video game.

In other words, the world of the fake and the world of the real overlap: pressing a virtual button means pressing a physical button as well.

Players will carry a ‘backtop’, which is essentially a laptop in a backpack, with extra tracking information provided by VR gloves and a haptic vest.

The Void is made possible thanks to several partners, including Unity, which builds the world’s most popular game development software, the Unity engine.

Three main pieces of tech are in play here: the Rapture head-mounted display, which features custom optics, head-tracking sensors, microphones for communication, and 3D sound for an immersive experience; the Rapture Vest, which provides four types of haptic feedback so you can feel bullets, lasers, and even virtual creatures; and Rapture gloves, which let you interact with all the virtual and physical objects so you can press buttons, grab swords, cast spells, and use superpowers.

These theme parks — rather, “Virtual Entertainment Centers” — are coming to “major cities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia,” according to The Void’s website.


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