This BioShock aquarium takes fish to Rapture

bioshock rapture fish tank

(From Escapist Magazine) It’s really cool to check out all the impressive, custom-made gaming paraphenalia out there that fans have designed. But what might be much cooler is seeing such objects designed as gifts, which is Super-Fan Builds’ trade.

Using a team of professional Hollywood prop makers, Super-Fan Builds constructs one-of-a-kind items based on video games, comics, and movies as a gift for an especially dedicated fan.

That fan is Courtney King, who is hugely “passionate” about the BioShock series. So in response, Super-Fan Builds has constructed a super-cool BioShock aquarium, and posted online exactly how it was designed.

The aquarium is designed to encapsulate a tiny slice BioShock’s Rapture, showcasing a fight between Jack and a Big Daddy in the connective tunnels.

A photoshopped, backlit image of Rapture itself fills the background, while sculptures of Jack, Big Daddy, and a Little Sister are placed in the foreground.

Not only that, but the Big Daddy is hollow, which allowed Super-Fan Builds to install headlights and a moving drill.

The sculptures themselves are impressive, but there several great tiny details to help this piece stand out. The frame has been faux-finished to give it a bronze, steampunk feel.

Iconic rapture statues frame the tank’s exterior. Even those pipes in the background are hand-crafted.

Not that Super-Fan Builds were against making changes – Rapture’s new logo is “No Gods or Kings. Only Fish.”

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