These haunting images will change how you see The Simpsons

the simpsons

(From The Independent) Artist Tim Doyle’s re-imagined images of Springfield, the fictional town in The Simpsons.

He told i100 several of the reports on the images were missing “a lot of the good ones and all the context”.

Doyle explains in a blog he began making the images two years ago after he realised that fictional landmarks in Springfield – from the Kwik-E-Mart to Moe’s Bar – were a “kind of cultural geography”.

In the first show and in later years he expanded the locations to landmarks in other TV shows and films including Arrested Development, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under the Munsters and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

Tim Doyle lives and works in Austin, Texas, and you can find out more about him on his personal site here. (read the full story)




Graphic designer creates hilarious The Simpsons/Pokemon mashup merchandise

(From Lost at e Minor) Here’s some inspiration for the next Treehouse of Horror episode – The Simpsons characters looking like they stepped through a faulty teleporter with a bunch of Pokémon. Nick Thompson is a graphic de...
by Adword Norton

Custom Simpsons-Style Family Portrait

Custom Simpsons-style family portrait

You don’t have to be Homer and your wife doesn’t have to be Marge to get a cool Custom Simpsons-Style Family Portrait. You might not mind a daughter like Lisa but you probably dread having a son like Bart, and a wife with b...
by Adword Norton

homer trooper cake

Stormtrooper Homer cake

(From Lost at e Minor) Vancouver-based 3D cake designer Kylie Mangles has cooked up a treat that imagines Homer Simpson enjoying his iconic pink donuts in a galaxy far, far away. Stormtrooper Homer lovingly gazing at a plate of...
by Adword Norton



Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer

Jack Black returns to voice the lovable martial arts panda oaf Po in Kung Fu Panda 3. It has been nearly five years since the last installment, where the title character helped stop an invasion of China, and the audience learne...
by Adword Norton

mila rob

Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie developing a horror/comedy series

(From Geek Tyrant) Starz is working on a horror comedy series called Trapped, which is being developed by the unlikely team of Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie. They have teamed up to the produce the series, and Zombie is also set to ...
by Adword Norton



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