The world’s most beautiful tree house

Redwoods Tree House

(From Road Trippers) Just outside Auckland, rests the Redwoods Tree House, drop-dead gorgeous treehouse restaurant.

It’s tucked away in a New Zealand forest, 10 meters off the ground, and comes with an illuminated sky walk that leads you to a treetop pod. It’s positively breathtaking.

The architect who designed the tree house for the ad campaign, Peter Eising, had been interested in tree houses since childhood: “It’s the treehouse we all dreamed of as children, but could only do as an adult fantasy.”

Ready for the good news? This place is for sale!

If you’ve ever wanted to own one of the most beautiful treehouses in the world, now’s your chance!

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This guy travelled across New Zealand wearing a Gandalf costume

(From Lost at e Minor) While planning a six-month trip to New Zealand, photographer Akhil Suhas had a great idea: Why not get Gandalf as his tour guide? In his series, entitled #GandalfTheGuide, Suhas brought along a Gandalf co...
by Adword Norton

The Green Dragon pub

Now you can drink in the same pub as Bilbo and Frodo

(From Daily Mail) For the inhabitants of Middle Earth, it was a popular watering hole, where Frodo Baggins and his friends Sam, Merry and Pippin liked to tipple. But now the famous shire inn in the village of Hobbiton has expan...
by Adword Norton



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