The video game where you play as a slice of bread

I Am Bread

(From Gamerant) Bossa Studios has announced the newest creation from their latest game jam, I Am Bread, where, well… you’re bread.

In I Am Bread you play as a slice of bread, setting out on a journey to become toast. To this end, you’ll have to circumnavigate the house that you find yourself in — the kitchen is central to your task, as you might imagine, but a teasing shot of the titular bread in a toilet bowl suggests that you’ll have access to the rest of the dwelling too.

Like Surgeon Simulator and titles like Octodad and even QWOP, it seems that most of the challenge of I Am Bread will come from manipulating your character. Each corner of your slice looks to be controlled by a different input, which will undoubtedly make for an occasionally frustrating but consistently amusing gameplay experience.

Once you have a good grip on your bread, your task of being toasted is complicated further by the two scores being tracked; edibility and deliciousness.

Edibility is presumably based upon how much abuse the slice takes on its journey around the house, whereas deliciousness can be improved by adding other foodstuffs to the surface of the bread — from the looks of the trailer, jam, corn flakes and popular UK treat Liquorice Allsorts are all potent choices.

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