The ugliest Pocket Monsters

ugly Pocket Monsters

(From Kotaku) Pocket Monsters are supposed to be cute. That’s just the way it is. Or rather, the way it should be. But these Pokémon are anything but cute. They’re butt ugly.

Bad teeth, simpleton stares, and generally surly dispositions turn some of the cutest Pocket Monsters into some of the ugliest. Even the teeth hurtingly cute Jigglypuff is not spared.

These ugly Pocket Monsters are the work of artist EatToast (aka Kelsey Wailes).

You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt page as well as on her Facebook page.

EatToast even has an Esty shop, where you can gobble up her work—for a price.

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Graphic designer creates hilarious The Simpsons/Pokemon mashup merchandise

(From Lost at e Minor) Here’s some inspiration for the next Treehouse of Horror episode – The Simpsons characters looking like they stepped through a faulty teleporter with a bunch of Pokémon. Nick Thompson is a graphic de...
by Adword Norton

whooper wine

Burger King chain launches Whopper Wine

(From The Local) The fast food chain has launched its very own brand of special edition vino with which to toast its 40th anniversary in Spain. The limited edition Tempranillo is made with grapes raised in Valencia and aged in ...
by Adword Norton

Mad Max Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask

Mad Max: Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask

Do you see yourself as a warlord? Do you control a vast source of water? Then you need the Mad Max: Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask. Just start calling yourself Immortan Joe and collect a harem of women and you’ll be rea...
by Adword Norton


Superman and Wonder Woman Hi-Top Canvas Shoes

Superman and Wonder Woman Hi-Top Canvas Shoes

The Superman and Wonder Woman Hi-Top Canvas Shoes show the ultimate power couple taking a break from saving the world to enjoy each other’s company. Superman and Wonder Woman sitting under a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Okay, maybe s...
by Adword Norton

Aliens Bishop

Aliens Bishop full-size replica

Do you like the movie ‘Aliens’? Do you like Lance Henriksen? Then you’ll want to get the Aliens Bishop Full-Size Replica in all its body-fluid-spewing glory. Remember that scene in the movie where android Bishop g...
by Adword Norton



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