The road trip packing list: Everything you need for entertainment

road trip

When embarking on a road trip you’re going to need some key components in order to enjoy every moment on the road. From items you hope you’ll never need to the ones you can’t do without while in transit and things you’ll be happy you carried all the way there-here is a list of the indispensable road trip items to keep you safe and entertained.

Before You Leave

Nobody likes to think about the trouble you can get into while on a road trip, but you’d be remiss not to. From a spare tire to a first aid kit that includes road flares and the supplies to treat minor wounds, being prepared is more than just filling up your car with gas. A car tuneup from your trusted mechanic, oil change, new spark plugs, and wiper blades, as well as a brake check, are also good ideas. Make sure you know the laws of the states you’ll be traveling in, since some states have slightly different traffic laws. Nobody wants their road trip bogged down by pricey traffic tickets.

On the Road

A frisbee, soccer ball, or a good book can do in a pinch when you take a break from driving, but what about all those hours you in the car? If you’re road tripping with a friend that will be some entertainment, but after a few hours there may not be much left to talk about. A tablet is an indispensable entertainment tool when on the road. From music to movies, and even your favorite TV shows, a tablet can provide hours of entertainment while you put some miles behind you. However, it’s against the law to have a screen in view of the driver.

Audiobooks are a great option for something that’s equally as entertaining for the driver as it is for passengers. With the Audible or Audiobook app, you’ll never run out of amazing true stories or the best-selling novels just hitting the shelves in bookstores. Another kind of app you’ll want is one for music streaming. Apps like Spotify or Pandora Radio both have premium content with slightly different options, so you won’t get bored listening to the same music over and over again.

At the Destination

Everyone back home is going to want to know exactly how things went while you were away. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a journal of where you go and what you do. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, write up those notes and start a travel blog. There are a lot blogging services out there that can make your adventure look exciting and official with video and image support. However, each service has different aesthetics and functions, so it’s a good idea do some research so you know which site best fits your needs.

One at your destination, take some pictures to prove you’ve made it. Your smartphone is sufficient, and bring along a selfie stick to add even more variety to your photos. While it may induce a few eye rolls from onlookers, a selfie stick is actually really useful for capturing better angles and more expansive backgrounds.



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