The real-life Simpsons house

Simpsons house

(From Daily Mail) As the Simpsons celebrates its 24th anniversary, images of a replica of the cartoon characters’ house – which was built as a promotion in the Nineties – have resurfaced.

The four-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot home built in Henderson, Nevada, featured all the iconic details of Marge and Homer’s fictional home, from its yellow walls to its brightly-colored interiors.

According to Curbed, a building team pored over more than 100 episodes of the show to get every facet of the house right before unveiling it in August 1997.

The house was built by Kaufman and Broad Home Construction – costing the company $120,000 and 49 days of labor. It was then raffled off as part of a promotion by Fox and Pepsi.

An image of the exterior of the replica shows that it is copied down to a T.

A grey driveway leads up to the attached garage, and a concrete pathway winds from the driveway to the orange front door.

Even the shrubbery outside looks the same as it does in the cartoon version.

A look inside reveals colorfully decorated rooms, including a living room with the fictional family’s iconic red couch featured in the opening credits of each episode.

A painting of a sailboat hangs on the wall at a slant, and the walls are painted a bold pink.

In the blue and yellow tiled kitchen, pots and pans in primary colors line the blue counter, and baby Maggie’s high chair sits in a corner.

Even the stairwell is an exact copy of the Simpsons’ home, fictionally located at  742 Evergreen Terrace.

While the home is as accurate as it can be, the architects were faced with the challenge of t’he constantly changing nature of the onscreen house,’ according to Through An Architect’s Eye.

‘For instance, the bay window has changed shape through the years,’ it reads.

Still, the colorful decor and bold design could only belong to a house in a cartoon.

Bright red and blue steps lead up to the second floor, and portraits of the family members line the wall diagonally.

According to Curbed, the building team used 1,500 Simpsons-themed styling props to decorate the house, including Duff Beer cans and some of Maggie’s baby bottles.

Bart’s treehouse and Homer’s barbeque were also included on the property.

The winner of the raffle was Barbara Howard from Richmond, Kentucky.

Instead of occupy the replica, however, she chose to accept a cash prize of $75,000 and the home was consequently stripped.

In 2001, it was sold to another owner with none of its original Simpsons likeness intact.

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