The new internet trend is Unicorning

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(From Daily Mail) Viral Internet memes have taken many forms over the last several years. Be it planking, Tebowing or owling, the arbitrary, bizarre Internet meme is here to stay – and the latest means of entertainment for the web’s geekiest contributors is about as weird as they come: “Unicorn Army.”

“Unicorn Army” – like ‘Tebowing’ and ‘planking’ before it – doesn’t require much skill.

In fact, it requites no skill at all – all you need is a rubber unicorn mask, a camera and a friend willing to snap a photo of you wearing your mask in any random, public, inappropriate place.

“Unicorn Army” was started last fall by a Los Angeles-based film producer who began collecting unicorn masks and handing them out to friends for pictures.

Laura DeMerchant, who inadvertently started the meme’s craze, posted hundreds of photos of people posing in unicorn masks on her website UnicornArmy, before the idea was picked up by the general public and the meme went viral.

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