The most complicated Xbox 360 controller

Sabertooth Xbox 360 controller

(From Geek) You never want to be handed a third-party console controller when gaming at a friend’s house. Their insistence that, “really, that’s the good controller,” doesn’t make it true. With this sort of stigma, gaming-focused hardware company Razer took a risk developing an Xbox 360 controller, but the Sabertooth is finally here, and you can tell it means business by how many buttons it has. So many buttons.

The Sabertooth is fully programmable, with support for multiple profiles and key mapping. The overall design is not terribly different from the stock Xbox controller, which is probably for the best. The D-pad has been tweaked, though (a move that will probably make serious gamers happy). The analog stick sensitivity can also be changed on the fly with the Sabertooth.

The design starts to veer away from its OEM cousin right on the face of the device. There is a small OLED screen that is used to switch profiles and map keys. Things get even weirder when you notice the extra shoulder buttons. In addition, there are are two more triggers on the back of the controller that actually move up and down allowing each one to act as two buttons. They really took the gaming mouse approach of “adding a ton of buttons” with this one.

Basically, the Sabertooth has six additional buttons that you can map as you like. It’s possible to never take your thumbs off the sticks if you make smart use of these additional toggles. Should you want a more stock experience, the back triggers can be removed.

If you’re interested, the Razer Sabertooth sells for $79.99 direct from Razer.

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