The Merge of Photography & Videography Careers


Many of the skills associated with being a good photographer can be transferred to different fields and industries, persistence, patience and precision are always welcome in any field you join.

Here’s how photography and videography cross:


With the advent of Canon’s 5D Mark II DSLR camera in 2008, Canon became the first photography company to push video capability into the mainstream film making world. Before this digital cinematography was limited to very large, very expensive professional cameras, or low definition and quality consumer camcorders. Because of this revolution, other companies started to put video capabilities into their cameras and today it is nearly impossible to get a camera that won’t shoot video as well.

Camera Gear

Almost all of your photography gear can be used in a videography setting but certain pieces will give you more of an advantage than others. The lenses of today and even yesterday have fantastic quality especially for HD video and most are very good even up to 4K. All of the lens mechanics remain the same between photography and videography but features like auto focus may or may not be as useful depending on your manufacturer. Certain manufacturers are also able to adapt lenses from other camera systems which can be helpful in expanding your equipment with older “obsolete” lenses.


Unfortunately much of the lighting gear for photography cannot be repurposed for use in videography because most photography lighting is flash based. If you have continuous lighting sources however these can be reused. Modifiers however, scrims, gels, flags etc., can be reused because all they do is go between a light source and the subject to change how the light falls on the subject. Any light stands you have for flashes can be reused, especially with the small LED lighting options that are becoming more and more affordable and common.

Other Gear

Most other types of gear can be reused, you just have to get creative with it. Props, clothing and backdrops that were used as decoration or costume can be transferred over into a videography career. Having a variety of patterns gives you a lot of flexibility to shoot well in many different outdoor environments. For example, your stockpile of camouflage clothing can be used to capture wildlife in its natural habit, whether you’re filming or shooting stills.

Certain pieces of equipment like microphones and other sound recording equipment will have to be purchased. Thankfully there are many affordable options like Rode’s new VideoMic which gives a very high quality sound output. The tripod is another area that can be somewhat hit or miss between photography and vidoegraphy. Photography heads tend not to have the smoothness needed for the pans and tilts a videographer will need. However that isn’t to say that they are completely out. Many legs can separate from the head for different applications.

Many of today’s photographers are becoming videographers because of cameras like the 5D Mk2 and other modern devices. The demand for flexible photographers is growing. Will you adapt?


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