The life-size HCG M56 smart gun replica from Aliens


This is a Aliens M56 smart gun replica, which used by Private Vasquez in the sci-fi blockbuster movie Aliens.

The gun is 48″ long, weights 15 pounds, was built using fiberglass, metal, and resin, and was painted and weathered by hand.

Actually, you can put a price on it. $1,200 to be exact.


Aliens Bishop

Aliens Bishop full-size replica

Do you like the movie ‘Aliens’? Do you like Lance Henriksen? Then you’ll want to get the Aliens Bishop Full-Size Replica in all its body-fluid-spewing glory. Remember that scene in the movie where android Bishop g...
by Adword Norton


Behind the scenes ‘Aliens’ chestburster test footage

The Stan Winston School blog posted a video detailing behind-the-scenes footage during the creation of the “chestburster” alien from James Cameron’s 1986 film, Aliens. The video is narrated by director Stephen Norrington ...
by Adword Norton

hollywood auction

Luke Skywalker’s actual lightsaber is for sale

(From Kotaku) Theres a big auction going down in Hollywood this weekend for a range of official props, photos and film from classic films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Alien, Indiana Jones and Star Trek. Some of the gear u...
by Adword Norton



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