The coolest home on two wheels

Vintage Airstream trailer

(From Daily Mail) If you thought that caravanning couldn’t be cool – think again.

This vintage Airstream trailer has been turned into the ultimate hipster mobile home thanks to a near complete interior transformation.

The 1956 Whale Tail, also known as the Orvis Airstream, has entered the modern era with updated decor and state-of-the-art mechanics.

Though it was formerly used as a hunting and fishing lodge near Goose Lake, Oregon, following its stunning renovation, the shiny, hand-polished classic is now ready for just about any cross-country trek.

The warm wood-pannelled interior immediately makes you feel comfortable and cosy, as if you’d stepped into a country cottage.

Natural hickory was used for the furnishings, while an aged oak floor was put in to complement the vintage copper sheeting on the cooking vents.

The dining area is upholstered with genuine leather seating and offers expansive views thanks to a large picture window.

Utilising its limited space, the master bedroom is an interior design marvel, complete with extra hinged storage facilities beneath the mattress.

And aside from the stylish interiors, the vehicle’s running gear has also been given a massive artisan makeover by Timeless Travel Trailers at the company’s facility in Denver, Colorado.

The Airstream has been outfitted with a new axle, brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres and coupler, meaning that all systems have been upgraded to meet current industry standards.

However, the model’s distinct pattern, which is a sign of it having only been made in Airstream’s California facility during the 1950s, remains.

Originally built for Orvis, a fly-fishing apparel company in the United States, the trailer was designed with such a brand aesthetic in mind – and was auctioned off after the holiday catalogue came out.

Chris Gartenmann, Account Executive at Timeless Travel Trailers, LLC, tells that a classic vehicle with high-end finishes of this magnitude would likely retail for about $250,000 (or about £159,805).

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