‘Talk to the hand’ no longer a figure of speech

Bluetooth Gloves

Not only are these gloves comfy and warm (and totally touch-screen friendly), but they will wirelessly synch with your smartphone, turning your hand into a phone… that’s right.

Just pull them on, press the “answer” button and make the classic “phone hand” shape. Now you’re talking.

Utilising an integrated microphone and speaker in the tips of the thumb and little finger, and a control pad on the top, you can communicate without taking your phone out of your pocket.

It’s not quite hands-free, but it still makes answering the phone supremely simple, plus you get to look like you’re having an imaginary conversation.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3% cotton, 2% polyester
  • USB charged
  • Operating range of 12 metres
  • Can be dry-cleaned

You can purchase it for $81 from Firebox.


BB-8 Droid

Homemade mini BB-8 droid

Industrial designer Christian Poulsen has made a mini replica of BB-8 droid from the new Star Wars series. He used a magnet and modified Sphero robot ball. After cutting the toy up, painting it and adding an internal magnet to ...
by Adword Norton


Interactive album artwork doubles as a DJ controller

(From Engadget) Jack White isn’t the only act doing amazing things with vinyl releases. Inside DJ Qbert’s Extraterrestria, one of the jacket inserts doubles as a controller for Algoriddim’s djay iOS app. After...
by Adword Norton

the one ring

The one ring that controls everything

Rings that control everything tend to be evil, but this ring has only good intentions. It uses a Bluetooth signal to connect to all kinds of devices that you can then control with simple finger gestures that can be customized. ...
by Adword Norton


A smartphone-controlled toilet

A smartphone-controlled toilet

(From Geek) If you’ve ever been to Japan you probably used one or more of their advanced toilets. In Japan, you’re more likely to be presented with a control panel mounted next to the toilet and a number of the common tasks...
by Adword Norton

The ICEdot Helmet

‘Life saver’ bike helmet

(From Daily Mail) A potentially life saving smartphone app, which can detect a crash and then alert the emergency services, has been designed for bike riders. The clever application pairs through Bluetooth with a motion detecto...
by Adword Norton



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