Stuffed toys taking owners’ holidays in Japan

toy travel 2

(From The Telegraph) For anyone too busy, too unwell or simply short of the cash for a holiday, Sonoe Azuma has the solution.

The owner of Tokyo-based Unagi Travel, Mrs Azuma escorts clients’ teddy bears, dolls and other assorted stuffed toys on excursions to some of the most famous sights in Japan before sending video clips and photos of the toys back to their owners.

Typical itineraries will include a day out among the temples and shrines of Kamakura, the ancient capital south of Tokyo, or a whistle-stop tour of historic Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine before the stuffed toy admires the view from the top of the Tokyo Tower.

A day out in Yokohama costs around Y4,000 (GBP25), although her top-of-the-range trip to Hawaii costs Y50,000 (GBP307).

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