Spidey the Menace

SA Wardega

(From io9) What if your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man didn’t bother to use his powers to fight crime and instead ran around his city spraying people with webbing and popping upside-down in unexpected places?

Artist SA Wardega took a Spider-Man outfit, a few cans of Silly String, and a total lack of shame and decided to have a little fun on the streets (and in the trains) of Warsaw.

Wardega also filmed himself performing an early Spider-Man attempt.

Like Tobey Maguire’s film Spider-Man, his first iteration of the costume wasn’t the flashiest, and his use of rope as webbing managed to infuriate his targets even more than the Silly String did.

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X-Men and Fantastic Four

New hints of an X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover movie

(From Den of Geek)  Ever since Marvel found a way to successfully create an interlocking series of movies, all leading up to The Avengers, other studios have been trying to think of their own franchises along a similar templat...
by Adword Norton


DiCaprio turns down Star Wars for Robotech

(From Geek Tyrant) It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney and Lucasfilm have been going after big name actors to star in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. We recently learned that Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron ...
by Adword Norton

spidey sense shirt

Motion-sensing tingling Spidey-Sense Tee

(From Gizmodo) Taking the geeky fanboy t-shirt to a whole new level, ThinkGeek’s just added this wonderful Spiderman tee to its collection that actually gives the wearer a Spidey-sense for when danger approaches from behi...
by Adword Norton


Spider-Man Cycling Skinsuit Costume

Spider-Man Cycling Skinsuit Costume

If you want to look just like Spider-Man in a skin tight costume, this Spider-Man Cycling Skinsuit Costume is perfect. You could probably wear it under your clothes and pretend to be Peter Parker. Maybe even get a job as a phot...
by Adword Norton

Mandy Madrox TV
amazing spider man

Grad student built a real Spidey-Sense suit

(From Fashionably Geek) We all know Spider-Man has impressive superpowers, and his costume is built to maximize his skills. Computer science grad student Victor Mateevitsi took inspiraton from the superhero and created a suit t...
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