Ski mask that looks like a beard

ski beard large

(From Daily Mail) A U.S. company has created a piece of skiing equipment that could certainly grow on you – a neck warmer that looks like a false beard.

The humorous headgear was invented to protect skiiers’ exposed skin from harsh winds and bitter temperatures.

The bizarre masks are created in the shape of foot-long beards and have been dubbed The Biker, Pirate, Santa, Rasta and Prospector.

Each beard, which can be worn by both men and women, provides thermal insulation as well as transforming and disguising an appearance.

A ski mask and a fake beard in one, they are made from thermal fleece with a waterproof reopreme lining.

The one-size-fits-all equipment covers the ears, face and neck fully, protecting you from the chilly winds up on the slopes.

You can purchase this ski masks for $34.99 from Beardski.

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