Samurai freestyles through Brazil with fancy footwork

Tokuda Kotaro samurai

(From Alafista) Samurai is one of the popular icon of Japan, and even the Japanese soccer team is called Samurai Blue.

In conjunction with the upcoming World Cup, Nissin Japan sent their Samurai warrior to Brazil to show off some awesome freestyle football.

The man clad under the samurai armor is actually Japanese freestyle footballer Tokuda Kotaro, who is a world champion in freestyle football.


You can see Kotaro in action during the 2013 world championship:

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Forget about maid cafés, there is now a maid gym in Japan

(From Lost at e Minor) In Tokyo’s Akihabara district, a group of entrepreneurs have taken the concept of maid cafes and put it on steroids. The MAID GYM offers clients a good workout assisted by beautiful trainers dressed in ...
by Adword Norton

foot dart

Sports company invents new ‘foot darts’

(From Daily Mail) You’ve heard of football, you might even know about foot golf but have you ever heard of foot darts? In a series of fun new clips, sports fans from Foot Sports UK show how to play the inventive new mash-...
by Adword Norton


Bell ring for runners

(From Lost at e Minor) If you live in a bustling city, you’ll probably have come into contact with the non-stop runners. The runners who won’t stop for a traffic light, won’t stop for slow walkers, and definitely won’t ...
by Adword Norton


Best Ball Boys in the World

‘The best ball boys in the World’ are not human

(From Mashable) It makes total sense — why use humans to fetch balls when dogs can do it better? As Venus Williams took on two-time Grand Slam winner Svetlana Kuznetsova in a friendly match in Auckland, New Zealand at the ASB...
by Adword Norton

International Highline Meeting

Attendees of this festival slept on hammocks that hung across The Italian Alps

(From Lost at e Minor) At Italy’s biggest slackline festival, the International Highline Meeting, attendees (or slackers, as they’re called) showed how they love laughing at the face of death by doing stunts and taking phot...
by Adword Norton



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