RoboCop 3 remote control talking action figure


The RoboCop 3 Movie HD Masterpiece Remote Control Talking Action Figure is the ultimate figure for Robocop fans. This 1:4 scale action figure of RoboCop from RoboCop 3 has a remote control head, holster, and voice functions!

It includes Auto-9 gun, interchangeable Battle Damaged Front Armor, 8 interchangeable hands, and more. It has interchangeable head sculpts and 3 interchangeable facial expressions. He also says 3 different phrases from the film and comes with a detachable jetpack that has moveable mechanics, parts, pipes, and wires.

This figure has over 30 points of articulation along with a custom RoboCop figure stand with engraved OCP logo.

You can purchase it for $547.99 from Entertainment Earth.


Robocop Remote Controlled Deluxe Action Figure 2

Robocop Remote Controlled Deluxe Action Figure

The future of law enforcement now has a remote controlled action figure. This Robocop 3 Remote Controlled Deluxe Action Figure will be the crown jewel in your Robocop collection. This is the most detailed action figure of RoboC...
by Adword Norton

manga robocop

Sci-fi and horror movie chracters get cute manga redeseigns

Check out this fun series of fan art featuring several iconic sci-fi and horror movie characters redesigned as adorable manga characters. The illustrations were done by Matsuda Yuusuke and feature Robocop, Terminator, Alien, Pr...
by Adword Norton

ED-209 Robocop Figure with Sound

ED-209 Robocop figure with sound

If there was one robot from the Robocop movies that was as cool as Robocop himself, it was ED-209. No one else could even give Robocop a run for his money. If you are a fan, this ED-209 Robocop Figure with Sound will look amazi...
by Adword Norton



You can have your own ED-209

Would you like to own this massive ED-209 replica? Some guy is selling it on eBay for $25,000. Hopefully you don’t live in Detroit or your purchase will be killed by Robocop. According to the seller, this ED-209 model was mad...
by Adword Norton

Ben Hur

MGM set to reboot the classic Ben Hur

(From Geeks of Doom) One of MGM’s tactics on their journey from the brink of death, was to remake a bunch of well-known older movies in addition to the box office juggernauts they had in The Hobbit and Skyfall—two movies th...
by Adword Norton



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