Recycled metal Bioshock Infinite Songbird

metal songbird

(From Kotaku) It’s a shame that we don’t get to see too much of Elizabeth’s guardian, the Songbird, in BioShock Infinite.

Thankfully, places like Geargoyle Metal Art commemorate the awesomeness of characters like Songbird through astonishing art like this.

It’s not just any Songbird. Sure, it’s metallic, and that’s neat. But it’s also a commission by Rod Fergusson’s wife.

Rod Fergusson, you might recall, serves as the vice president of development at Irrational Games, the developers behind BioShock Infinite.

Finishing the Songbird took over 90 hours—and it’s also not the only BioShock Infinite piece made by Geargoyle.

There’s a whole family of metal BioShock baddies, actually!

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