Playmobil set re-enacting a bank robbery

Playmobil set re-enacting a bank robbery

(From Daily Mail) A Blond robber in dark glasses casually points a gun at a terrified bank manager as she claims a stack of gold bullion.

It may sound like the kind of scene you would hope to shield youngsters from – but this is actually a toy set aimed at children from four to ten.

Anti-gun campaigners have hit out at Playmobil over its Bank and Safe pack, which comes with all the pieces needed to stage a violent heist, including a safe that opens to reveal a haul of valuables and armed bank robber figurines.

The German manufacturer claims the toy, on sale for around £35, encourages children to ‘imagine, invent, create’.

But Danny Bryan of Communities Against Gun and Knife Crime, which works to help youngsters avoid lives of violence, said: ‘We don’t want to be encouraging young people to look at these sorts of things.

‘I think it is horrendous that young people are given all these images to shape them. It is sending out the wrong message.’

Aimed at children aged four to 10, the set includes gold bars, cash, a big bag to put the loot in, a pistol and a screwdriver to wrench open the cash point machine.

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