Pimp out your vehicle Grand Theft Auto style


It’s not surprising that a game literally named after stealing cars would have some of the best vehicles, customization, and toys in the game, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto IV and V that gamers got the features that hold up next to sophisticated racing sims.

You can give your vehicle just about any type of upgrade in GTA V, including paint jobs, wheels, tires, engine boosts, and gadgets. If you want a little Grand Theft Auto in your own life (and no, we don’t want you to steal cars), check out these upgrades to make your ride a little more like the one your sport on the roads of Los Santos and Liberty City.

Console & Stereo

The center console has come a long way since the radio and tape deck of the ’80s and ’90s. Even stereos with auxiliary jacks are so standard, your vehicle would have to be more than 10 years old not to have one.

Sirius XM: Pack more channels than Rockstar could ever fit into one GTA title. Satellite radio boasts more than 100 channels featuring music of all genres, talk radio (including Howard Stern), and sports channels. And since it’s satellite, you get reception anywhere in the country.

Bluetooth: Most consoles with Sirius XM also have some way to connect your smartphone, preferably with Bluetooth (no cables). Now you can respond to texts, hands-free.

CarPlay: If you want the coolest system in Los Santos, Apple’s latest console is the best on the market. It looks like a small iPad in your dash and connects with your iPhone, allowing the user to access all its apps hands-free. Spotify, Maps, and more are all accessible with just your voice.

Wheels & Tires

You’d be amazed what a new set of tires can do for the quality of your ride. High performance tires grip the road and offer much smoother handling than generic versions. The performance line from Nitto Tires has everything you need to dominate the road.

For custom wheels, there are more options out there than inside Los Santos Customs. Most tire dealers around town also sell customized wheels that will set your ride apart on the road. If you want to stand out and stay on-trend, opt for a set that is matte black and at least 19 inches.

Paint Job

Cream on the inside, clean on the outside. A fresh paint job is the fastest way to bring your car from junkyard to boulevard, but how much does new paint cost?

Maaco, a popular paint and collision repairs company, has hundreds of locations across the U.S. and offers auto paint jobs (ranging in quality) for just a few hundred dollars. Now, if you want the quality of a new Ferrari, that will cost a little extra. But if you’re just freshening up a car that’s showing its age, Maaco could be the perfect way to go.


Let’s get down to it, you want to go fast. There isn’t a quicker, cheaper, DIY upgrade to your car’s engine than a turbocharger. If your car is still under warranty, use caution, because installing one will surely make it void. In fact, use caution anyways because a turbo can be hard on your car’s intake if the engine wasn’t design to handle the extra air flow. But if you’re a person who likes to take chances, then find a decent turbo ranging from $500 to $1,500. Just be prepared for a serious boost on the road (speed gun radar not included).



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