Paperman Cosplay

Paperman Cosplay 4

(From Fashionably Geek) Pixar included a charming short before Wreck-It Ralph called “Paperman.”

It’s the story of two people who run into each other in a big city and how fate brings them together again – with paper.

Besides being heartwarming, the animation is beautiful and it’s in black and white.

Chris and Wendy are cosplaying the two characters who find love and they look perfect in the roles.

See more photos of the costumes and watch the short that inspired them after the break.

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First trailer for Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’

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anime jeans

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halo chief

Cosplayers relaxing at home

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Doctor Who Ladies’ 10th Doctor’s Coat

Doctor Who Ladies’ 10th Doctor’s Coat

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life size wall e

Life-size version of Wall-E

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