giant-trolls Arts

‘Forgotten Giants’ of Denmark

(From Lost at e Minor) A Danish scrap artist has put six massive wooden trolls in nature spots amidst the woods of Western Copenhagen to encourage people to stray off the popular trail and visit undiscovered and overlooked places. The project intends to bring art out of the enclosed space of a museum and turn [...]

dd Board Games

Therapists are now using ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to talk to troubled kids

(From Lost at e Minor) Sometimes it can be hard to express how you feel inside. What better place to open up emotionally than in a magical realm of wizards, warriors, and mythical beasts? Adam Davis is the co-founder of Wheelhouse Workshop, a therapy group that engages kids in a setting that’s more comfortable than [...]

swmd Desıgn

Star Wars goes Medieval

(From io9) Star Wars might be in a galaxy far, far away, but it also takes place a long time ago. You know what else was a long time ago? The Middle Ages. It’s one of the reasons this artistic pairing is a perfect fit. Artist André Araújo recently released a colored print called “Star [...]

sw otel Fun

Disney is opening a Star Wars Hotel

(From The Independent) Star Wars fans will soon be able to play their part in an interactive adventure inspired by the film franchise, as a new Star Wars inspired resort has been confirmed by head honchos at Disney. The hotel will be part of Disney’s new “360 vacation” concept – the brand wants to create [...]

hide-n-seek-rocks Fun

In a post-Pokemon Go world, the big craze is playing hide-and-seek with rocks

(From Lost at e Minor) Forget Netflix and Twitter, people in East Idaho have decided to take a pause from the frenetic digital life and play hide-and-seek with hand painted rocks. Talk about going old school! Thousands of enthusiasts in the region have signed up to this particular game that involves colorfully hand painting rocks [...]


spy camera tie

Favorite tie of James Bond

Are you a spy and in need of a new camera that others won’t notice? This Spy Camera Tie with Wireless Remote will help and make you a well dressed James Bond. It looks just like a regular tie, but it records audio & video...
by Adword Norton


New clues for Sherlock’s escape from death

(From Daily Mail) It was one of the most thrilling cliffhangers in modern television. Now the man behind the BBC’s hit revival of Sherlock Holmes, has added to the suspense of how the detective faked his own death at the ...
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Star Wars 1313 4

1313 will take you down to Star Wars hell

(From Kotaku) It’s always pretty clean and well-lit in Star Wars movies, isn’t it? Even a place as wretched as the Mos Eisley cantina seems like it wouldn’t have a problem passing a health code inspection. So,...
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Superman and Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman become power couple

(From The Guardian) Superman and Wonder Woman, two of the mightiest heroes of the comics world, are about to become the ultimate power couple. The potentially earth-shattering romance – what happens when a man with the abilit...
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finding nemo

Ellen DeGeneres in talks to return for ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel

(From Hollywood Reporter) Ellen DeGeneres is in negotiations to reprise her role in Disney/Pixar’s planned Finding Nemo sequel. Assuming the deal comes together, DeGeneres would voice Dory, a blue tang fish who was suffer...
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rivendell 6

Rivendell made of LEGO

(From Kotaku) There’s Lord of the Rings LEGO you can buy, but that stuff is limited by the realities of commercial packaging and a hard ceiling for prices. Let’s imagine, though, that you could get hold of the perfe...
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Partysaurus Rex

Toy Story’s Rex gets his own film

(From Geeks of Doom) Disney continues its re-releasing of films in theaters with the 3D treatment of Finding Nemo hitting the big screen on September 14th. The good news is that we’re going to be treated to a new Toy Story sh...
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