Optical illusion video to promote Canon’s ink-jet printer

canon gundam

(From Akihabara News) Canon is showing an intriguing optical illusion video on a special website called “PIXUS×GUNDAM PROJECT”.

The video is a collaborated project with the Gundam series and it is made to promote Canon’s ink-jet printer PIXUS.

In the “Gunpla Trick Art” (Gunpla is an abbreviated form of Gundam plastic models) video, apparently-regular Gundam plastic model shows up first.

But, you will realize that it is not a plastic model but a piece of paper after a second.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Mechanized Combat Armored Division

(From Kotaku) Reader Khris Ramirez, who last year made those awesome Pokemon x Gundam models, is back with a new one based on Zelda. It combines an SD Neo Zeong model kit with a Nendoroid Link, then paints the whole thing in a ...
by Adword Norton

robot fight

Toy robots fight over the Batmobile

(From io9) There’s no real explanation as to why these toy Gundam robots want to steal the classic 1960s Batmobile, but by the end of this short film, by the talented stop-motion artists at YouTube’s Counter656, you won’t...
by Adword Norton


The Merge of Photography & Videography Careers

Many of the skills associated with being a good photographer can be transferred to different fields and industries, persistence, patience and precision are always welcome in any field you join. Here’s how photography and ...
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gundam burger3

You can eat Gundam burgers in Japan

(From Kotaku) Japan is getting official Gundam burgers with Gundam-themed buns. The Tokyo Station Gundam Cafe is being turned into McDaniel Hamburgers Gundam Cafe. The restaurant appeared in the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime as...
by Adword Norton

gundam donuts

There are Gundam donuts in Japan

Of course, they’re being served at the country’s Gundam Cafes. There are Gundam and Zaku donuts for 320 yen (U$3.16) each.
by Adword Norton



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