One Piece has an official mini-van

one piece minivan

In the past few years, Nissan has rolled out a Serena mini-van that’s covered in One Piece. You couldn’t buy it. But now in Japan, you can.

Priced at 3.25 million yen (US$27,270), the car is designed after the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. Fittingly, this car is called the “Thousand Serena.”

According to website Logpiece, only nine of these One Piece mini vans will go on sale, and potential customers must enter a raffle for a chance to buy one and become a pirate king!


one piece kabuki

One Piece Kabuki is really happening

(From Kotaku) Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are getting a live-action version, but it might not be one you’d expect. One Piece is being turned into a kabuki play that will center on the Summit War Saga and, accord...
by Adword Norton

One Piece and Dragon Ball

One Piece and Dragon Ball destroy Tokyo street

(From Kotaku) The front of department store Shibuya Parco in Tokyo is a mass of rubble! One Piece’s Luffy threw a massive punch into the pavement. Just wait until Goku unleashes that kamehameha! This sculpture will be on ...
by Adword Norton

dragon ball z

A theme park dedicated to One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball

(From Kotaku) Next summer, a Weekly Jump “theme park” is opening in Tokyo. Weekly Jump, of course, is a popular weekly manga that features iconic titles like One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto. The theme park will be...
by Adword Norton


one piece film z

One Piece Film Z cast wears Armani Exchange suits

(From Anime News Network) The fashion label A|X Armani Exchange collaborated on suits that the One Piece anime cast will wear in next month’s One Piece Film Z. In part of the film, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and the other Straw ...
by Adword Norton


Luffy appeared in Dragon Ball before One Piece launched?

(From Kotaku) One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is a huge fan of Akira Toriyama, best known for creating Dragon Ball and designing Dragon Quest’s characters. Oda really digs Toriyama’s work, but was the One Piece chara...
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