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New Xbox requires an always-on connection to block used games


(From The Verge) With just two weeks to go until we “see the future” of PlayStation, we’re starting to hear more details on the future of Xbox.

Edge magazine reports that Microsoft’s new console will require an internet connection with activation codes for games on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs.

Citing sources with “first-hand experience” of the new Xbox console, Edge says it’s likely that purchased games will not be able to be resold.

There are rumors about Microsoft’s Blu-ray plans and an anti-used-game system before, but an activation system coupled with an online requirement sounds like a key way to prevent piracy for the next-generation of console games.

If Microsoft locks out the second-hand market for its next Xbox console then that will not sit well with a number of gamers, so we’d hope that Microsoft has plans to support game sharing somehow.

Edge also backs up previous rumors that an AMD CPU will power the next Xbox, but doesn’t shed light on any further specifications.

Microsoft is widely expected to fully detail its next-generation Xbox at E3 in the summer, with a release date later this year.

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