New trailer for ‘The Raid 2′

the raid 2

(From Geeks of Doom) For whatever reason, the team behind “The Raid 2″s marketing campaign felt compelled to release another trailer for the action packed film.

But honestly, should we be really be complaining at all. The first trailer didn’t do much but tease, while the second one was set on giving us a bit more action, but the following trailer you will see will give us an idea of what fighting in a car while getting stabbed in the butt looks like, how a girl uses a hammer to beat down her opponents interprets a coin toss, and more scenes involving lots of mud and fights in a kitchen.

We will have to wait a little while longer before the film comes out in March, but with the film making it’s Sundance premiere, what better way to rile up the film festival attendees than to present a brand new punch-fest trailer.

The Raid 2 makes its way into theaters on March 28.

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First trailer for ‘Slender Man’ movie

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Maze Runner: The Death Cure trailer

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‘Suburbicon’ trailer

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top gun

Top Gun 2 is ‘definitely happening’

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