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New Mass Effect in early stages, BioWare asks for feedback

Mass Effect 3

(From Geeks of Doom) After the three-game Mass Effect trilogy came to an emotional end recently—part sadness at the closing of Commander Shepard’s storyline; part anger at the poorly executed ending (which was made much better by the release of an extended cut)—it seemed we’d be waiting a bit before any word of future titles in the franchise were spoken of. That said, we all knew that Mass Effect 4 would be arriving some day.

But while the game is still far off in the distance (next generation consoles, in the likeliest of scenarios), BioWare has already begun early development on the title, and they’re looking for feedback from we the players to help them decide where exactly they want to take the next game.

Executive producer Casey Hudson took to the Twitter recently to ask fans what they want to see in Mass Effect 4. A few folks have chimed in so far (some seriously; some joking), including this writer.

Where do YOU want to travel for Mass Effect 4? Would you prefer a prequel or sequel? And what gameplay changes/improvements do you want to see included?

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New ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ trailer

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Sci-Fi trailer is Star Wars vs Halo vs Star Trek vs Mass Effect

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Colered numbers

To flip or to scroll? The digital vs paper comic book debate

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New trailer for Bungie’s Destiny

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Shadow Realms

BioWare’s newest RPG is called Shadow Realms

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