Netflix will release an official ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack

stranger things

(From Huffington Post) Netflix’s delightful amalgam of ‘80s film tropes, “Stranger Things,” has picked up something of a cult following since its mid-July release.

Giving Winona Ryder a platform to shine in her performance as young Will Byers’ mother, the show follows a small Indiana town’s attempt to locate the missing Will amid other eerie local happenings.

A lively soundtrack of classic rock hits by The Clash, Joy Division and others fleshes out the scene ― and provides a week’s worth of earworms.

The streaming service tweeted the news that fans can look forward to an official soundtrack in the near-ish future.

Like Netflix’s official “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards” soundtracks before it, the album for “Stranger Things” will likely include the series’ synth-tastic theme music ― created by Austin, Texas, electronic group Survive ― and a mix of ‘80s jams.

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stranger things

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