Narcos Season 2 official trailer


Narcos Season 2 is set to premiere on September 2, 2016 exclusively on Netflix. Together with this announcement, Netflix also released an action packed trailer for the 10 episode new season.

The trailer begins with Pablo Escobar escaping 4,000 soldiers and several helicopters. “It was the biggest law enforcement blunder of all time,” DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) says. “And now we wanted payback.”

Murphy was talking about Escobar’s escape from his prison he named La Catedral. In the same trailer, Escobar can be seen saying, “Pablo Escobar is to be respected.”

“Narcos” Season 1 tells the real-life story of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar from the time he started his cocaine trade until eventually becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world. The first season covered the years between 1989 to 1992. It left off when Escobar escaped from prison.

Due to the fast pacing of Narcos Season 1, it has often been speculated that Narcos will only have two seasons. Already, Season 1 covered almost two decades of Escobar’s life.

Most likely, Season 2 will cover Escobar’s life from his 1992 escape until his death in the latter part of 1993. That means that there is only more than a year of Escobar’s life that the series can use as source.

Narcos Season 2 is said to end with the death of Pablo Escobar. The production team promised to have recreated the death scene as close to the actual Escobar death.




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