Mysterious package for Henry Jones

Mysterious package for Henry Jones

(From Geeks of Doom) A mysterious package arrived at the University of Chicago recently, sent to a one Mr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.—or, as many of us know him, Indiana Jones.

When he wasn’t off collecting near-death experiences in search of legendary artifacts, Dr. Jones taught archaeology at…you guessed it, the University of Chicago.

The big question—a question the university is eager to find the answer to—is who exactly sent it and why?

Is someone just a big fan, crafted this meticulous replica, and offered it as a cool gift? Or are their bigger hands at play here?

Could Disney be floating out the subtlest of teases, a gentle whisper that they plan to make Indiana Jones 5?

The package, which came in a manilla envelope secured with string, appeared to be worn and a bit dirty, as if having traveled through the mail, but there was no U.S. postage on it, only photocopied foreign stamps pasted on.

The address was for the specific building it was found in, which is now home to admissions and the Econ department, but used to be where their geology and geography departments were housed.

Inside, there was an incredibly detailed replica of the journal of Indy’s mentor, University of Chicago Professor Abner Ravenwood.

The book was dusty, its cover a teal fabric with a red velvet spine. There was also some weathered inserts, postcards and photographs of Abner’s daughter and Indy love interest Marion Ravenwood, as well as some old replica money.

Everything appears to be handmade, with the greatest attention to detail. But the university notes that the handwriting found within is without all the signs of actual handwriting, such as pressure marks, indicating that everything was printed.

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